Mister Kay

He had a slight squint in each eye 
When I asked if it was his strabismus 
Which could lead to Amblyopia 
Caused by ocular Albinism
He responds it is his nystagmus
That he can not lie
If he does, his eyes squint more
I now conclude that he lied to me all the time.

I'm on the back there !!

Vapor love.

magnolia on campus at SNU
Look up, I am there, in front you, roll up,
A convulsive shudder embrace the lights,
Creamy kiss of gold into the ink flowing,
Your body spent the night in a letter written by myself.

Sigh now water tender pleasures,
A heavenly kingdom! A divine phenomenon
The extreme orgasm that finally welcomed 
Time, the worship of a patron Olympian!

The chip stills plunges me in my sweet summers,
And I Killed my eyes with my reminiscences, 
The human race is immortal host of the damned
The unspoken rambling hope rests.

Notes with hints of my noble seasons
It's a salamander in the mind of Adrianople's
Time to regroup and my horizons
Blossom and salt water from a sea green.

When lingers over a blue sky winters,
I hear love and its delicate orchid 
Wild disguise my fears, the whole universe
Hear our beautiful harmony de-watered.

The foehn is pure balm quietly stroked
The fabric of his body in the candor of the ages
The hearts beat when the blandishments drinks the night
They could hope with all their tapping.
Trans. by Helen Ree 
on Feb. 22, 2011

Vapeurs d’amour.

Lève les yeux, je suis là, par devant, par-devers,
Un frisson convulsif embrasse les lumières,
Onctueux baiser d’or, coule l’encre des vers,
Ton corps passe les nuits dans mes épistolières.

Soupir à présent l’eau des tendres voluptés,
Un royaume céleste ! Un divin phénomène,
L’orgasme extrême enfin que des félicités 
Temporelles, le culte olympien d’un mécène !

L’éclat me plonge encor’ dans mes tendres étés,
Et j’ai tué mes yeux de mes réminiscences, 
La race humaine est l’hôte immortel des damnés,
l'inavoué espoir décousu de silences.

Des notes aux reflets de mes nobles saisons,
C’est une salamandre à l’esprit andrinople,
Le temps de remembrer ainsi mes horizons,
Et fleurir l’eau aux sels d’une mer de sinople.

Quand s’attarde un ciel bleu au dessus des hivers,
J’entends l’amour et sa délicate orchidée 
Sauvage maquiller mes peurs, tout l’univers
Écoute notre belle harmonie exondée.

Le foehn d’un pur dictame a caressé sans bruit
L’étoffe de son corps dans la candeur des âges,
Les cœurs battent quand la blandice boit la nuit,
Ils versent l’espérance avec tous leurs gemmages.

James le 2/2/2011


Bye Byia

a Camellia
Trashing out the promise of love
You are the one who cheat, you a man
I never cry out at your leave or hold on you 
You are not the only person in this world, who is a man
Only if I can find a more honest and more handsome one 
To meet with and to live with
So go on farewell forever
For your selfish happiness
Bye bye 
Bye byia.

Betraying what you had admited and committed to me
Your heart, lips, and your tongue, you cheater
You are the one who turns your back against me, you a man
You are so mean not to know how to be sorry for your mistake
There are so many people in this world, who are men
Only if I could find a sexier and smarter one 

To meet with and to live with
So go on farewell forever
For your helpless happiness
Bye bye
Bye byia

빠이 빠이야

사랑의 그 약속을 내팽개치고
떠나가는 남자야
울줄알았지 착각하지마 너를 잡을 줄 아냐
이 세상에 어디 남자가 너뿐이더냐
너보다 착한남자 너보다 고운남자
만나 살면 되는걸
그래 가거라 행복해라 
빠이 빠이 
빠이 빠이야

사랑의 그 맹세를 나 몰라라고
돌아서는 남자야
나를 떠난 건 너의 실수야 속이 편할 줄 아냐
이 세상에 어디 남자가
너보다 잘난 남자 너보다 멋진 남자
만나 살면 되는 걸
그래 가거라 잘 살아라


About Faith and Destiny

Faith is like the one to "Know therefore that the LORD your God, He is God" [Deuteronomy 7:9 (New American Standard Bible)]. He is the faithful God, who keeps His covenant and His lovingkindness to a thousandth generation with those who love Him and keep His commandments; since He created us in the image of His own, we are allowed to do the same to each other.

Destiny, although refers to a predetermined course of events, if you believe in your own creation of a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual, it is a concept based on your faith that there is a fixed natural order to the universe. Therefore, your belief in God shall turn into the one in your friends and neighbors with a sense about your destiny.

In that, a relationship can be redefined, weather it is among religious people or not, in terms of your daily-based decision-makings. You can content with each other what you do and what you wanna do to the same direction of your both destinies; but your discontent should be negotiated by a good term written in the Bible which would be the best or nowadays a lot coming from films that you share with each other.
Busan Int'l Airport (Fall 2010) by Helen Ree

About Emotion

I am celebrating the following sentence since it rests in my heart and mind from a wall as described in the film 'Amelie':

"Sans toi, les émotions d'aujourd'hui ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d'autrefois" (- Hipolito).  Without your existence, today's emotions would be no more than the impressions of yesterday's (cited from Hippolytus, and translated by Helen Ree).

Emotion itself has no sense of eternity but executes precious/momentary spare in time. When you guys live and have been living in a different space for a long time in reality, a virtual share touches your emotion.  At the same moment, practicality is yours to care for with it.  

On the other hand, the sentence is borrowed from a figure in Greek mythology: Hippolytus who got accused of having raped his stepmother, then killed by his own father because of the false accusation.  In such a crime, his stepmom Phaedra kills herself out of guilt.  This is a cult about a sacred love ruined by a profane love.  When the above sentence is originated from such a complex story, and then the emotions are always considered to be searching for their extreme pleasure.

Emotion is for pleasure of ideas; consequently it also contains its opposite side.  Let us decide which side we like to step forward to.

My Brancusi Dress (SS 2011)


Love of French Verses in My English

The harmony is the sweetest
Sound of the voice of the one
That you love.

- Jean de la Bruyère -

Words of sweetness,
moments of happiness.
Exchanged glances,
A touch of complicity.
Stars in their eyes,
the joy of being both.
Hand in hand,
follow the same path.
Dreams full heart,
All pleasure, no rancor.
Love and forget the wounds of the past.
Just the magic of love,
A beautiful life forever.

- Julie Jamar -

In French

L'harmonie la plus douce
est le son de la voix
de celle que l'on aime.

- Jean de la Bruyère -

Des paroles de douceur,
Des moments de bonheur.
Des regards échangés,
Un zeste de complicité.
Des étoiles dans les yeux,
La joie d'être deux.
Main dans la main,
Suivre le même chemin.
Des rêves plein le coeur,
Que du plaisir, aucune rancoeur.
Aimer et oublier
Les blessures du passé.
Juste la magie de l'amour,
Une belle vie pour toujours.

- Julie Jamar -
"The Moon and the Stars" taken by Guy Le Page